The Arts surround our senses

In this time of need the creatives and crews around us have been the guardians of our culture.

We walk through our homes and with a simple push of a button our minds are transported to an Opera House or stadium. In a time when the world needs to distance from one another there have been millions of threads that bind us through the Arts. Every individual involved in this wonderous Industry has been there for humanity and culture, creating the magic and entertaining our dreams.

We all look forward to a world where we can meet again without restriction and dance under the stars at festivals. We can make this happen by keeping those around us safe by implementing the Protocols set out for The Arts.

The people, our audience and patrons

During this time you, as our support, have kept our industry alive, you watch from a distance but listen with your heart. We thank all who have gone online and listened from home, all those who have asked for us to work again and to those who offer their support in keeping us creating in spaces around the world. We create for others so that they may for a moment be part of the world of Arts, the world of creatives and all those who live and work in this wonderland of imagination.

The us, me and you who build this magic

In this space of a global crisis we have come together and supported those around us. We have put on our masks and taken up the challenge in implementing Protocols in our Industries and sectors in order to protect those around us. Thank you to every person involved in all the beautiful facets of The Arts, Events and Creative World. We look forward to a time when we can once again freely express our humanity and culture, for now we look to protecting those around us and we do so knowing that we are the flame that keeps creativity and expression alive for the world.

Science & Medicine

The formation of Protocols are based on scientific evidence from various fields and the implementation is to go through public testing and sustainability studies. Protocols are about saving lives and protecting the public and private sectors.

Compassion & Ethics

In considering the implementation and use of Protocols we put People First as lives are at stake. Ethical considerations are to form a baseline in terms of the sharing of information and the use of data to form the needed Protocol measures.

Technology & Monitoring

The use of Technology fundamentally changes how effectively we are able to implement Protocols and then monitor their effectiveness. Monitoring data and the ever changing direction of the challenges we face in the world determines the speed of our response.


In The Arts there are thousands of ways in which we need to implement the COVID-19 Protocols as outlined by various Governments around the world. Although the base protocols are simple there are many challenges when it comes to our sectors. Simple things like using a microphone can become a longer process when considering the handling measures that need to be in place.
We look to our Compliance Officers, CREWs and Safety Officers for guidance and implementation throughout the venues we use. Visual training videos as well as public information videos are currently being developed or have already been developed.
Please see the various initiatives that have been done in other industries and sectors to keep our Travellers, Guests, Audience, Staff and CREWs safe!

- Covid Safety Protocols for Airports (youtube)
- Covid Safety Protocols for Accommodation (youtube)
- 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel After Lockdown - Tips for Travelling in South Africa After Covid-19 (youtube)
- Travelling in 2020 and 2021 - 6 Tips for Travelling After the Covid-19 Lockdown (youtube)

Important Note: These protocols are guidelines, drawn up by the tourism industry in South Africa.
Surveys and studies are being put together by Youth Tourism South Africa in collaboration with the Department of Tourism and Events at CPUT in order to record the impact of COVID-19 on Tourism and Events.
Covid-19 Protocols documents and footage are there to advise the public on the regulations set our in Government documents.

Protocol Guidelines

important things to know

The protocols being implemented worldwide and relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic are guidelines, measures and procedures formed by medical bodies, councils, and scientific research and study. It is advised that you consult directly with your Government or representative Council or Association before implementing any COVID-19 protocols. There are many legal implications if you implement measures that are not uniformly accepted worldwide. Currently the main reference point for all COVID-19 protocols is the World Health Organization -

Please seek legal assistance and oversight when developing or implementing any protocol measures.
This site and all related sites DO NOT in any way or form develop protocols and all protocols listed on the site are guidelines only, by the relevant representative organisation. This site is a Public Benefit page with the aim of studying the impact of COVID-19 on Tourism in South Africa.

Protocols from the UK

Performing Arts Protocols


Donate to become a partner

Would you like to become a partner of this global project? The Arts and Events Industries have taken bold steps in creating some of the most robust and applicable safety Protocol Guidelines over the years. In order to maintain this high standard we look to our partners around the world who have implemented adjusted COVID-19 related Protocol measures.

To show your commitment to this process and be a visible Industry leader in this regard we invite all stakeholders to Partner with this project. You can do so through this link: put in link to partner description or email

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